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This Website is introducing the knowledge & experience which I gaining in the fields which I am interesting in (Marketing Management, e-Commerce Management, and e-Marketing Management) to lead me to the e-commerce consultation, and e-Marketing consultation fields.

I can take my role in alternative ways (Virtual employment or Self Employment)  let me know what's your needs.

About me
This page expressing who am I, and over view about my past experience (Sales Management, Marketing Management) and my future vision of e-Commerce Management.


Looking for
Here's you'll find out what I look for in my future vision for my offline experience (Sales Management, Marketing Management, Web application project management) and my online knowledge (e-Commerce Management, e-Marketing Management) and how I keeping to success to provide the e-Commerce consultation.

Career Vision

My Plans
You'll find out what exactly what I planned and achieved, entering Marketing Management field, and what in progress understanding (e-Commerce management aspects & Web application project management) and my future plans for e-Commerce consultation, e-Marketing consultation services)

Career Objective

My Assets
That most valuable information I have about my educational background and my soft skills which helping me to provide e-Commerce consultation, and e-Marketing consultation services in the business standard to achieve your goals


My Value proposition
In this section you'll see what gives  my experience the brilliant of academic knowledge magic in e-Commerce consultation, Marketing Management, Sales management,  Web application project management


Here's my daily contact with alternative situation in Sales Management, Marketing Management, and Web Project Management.
Wishing to add e-Commerce Consultation, e-Marketing Consultation soon.

Work Experience

If you would like to know every thing how am I entering e-Commerce consultation field  visit this page, and feel free to print it of save it to contact me later.

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Hearing from you
I will be happy to hear  from you, your comments about Website, or inquires about e-Commerce Consultation, e-Marketing consultation, Marketing Management, Web application project Management Welcoming your advices & recommendations. 

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